Wella wella well.
Over the holidays I wasn't bad, but I confess to mostly hibernation, with breif stops for snacking and dancing. I did some renos, visited some friends, but mostrly read and putzed around doing as little as possible. Was this good for me? Mentally yes. physically, I don't think I'm in too bad a shape...maybe 1-2 Lbs up. Nothing to get excited long as I hop to it and be a good little fitster starting right away.
Now that the reality of life is here again it begins.
And I look forward to it. Sloth is nice, but I need to do things...I miss the feeling I get from workouts...and how I feel whenI eat well.
As of today I'm officially back on the


RunToFinish said…
don't forget to turn in those HBBC points
MizFit said…
ooooh hibernation sounds NICE.


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