Finally a day off...mostly

I confess to being very busy all last week and then finally relaxing sunday and sleeping away a lot of it. I was exhausted. Starting the winter hibernating you might say. I had to work saturday and then sunday was the walk to raise money for Alzheimers in the early AM. I think I walked about 3K, but there was no concrete distance for it...just walk for about an hour around a track, and not at any kind of a fast pace or anything. I *did* get to jump up and down in the giant inflatable jumping house with my 3 year old niece - THAT was AWESOME. I haven't done that in years and I must say - if you get the shot do it. It's fantastic. I havent' laughed so much in ages...:)

Sunday I relaxed and made culinary disasters. I made squash bread, but the squash I used for some reason was bitter so the 3 loaves of delicious looking bread I made actually taste bitter - like they are made of turnips. Boo. Then I tried out an old recipe that sounded good, but really was just a giant salty dissapointment.
So there was nothing for it...I had lots of beer. This did not keep me on fitness track, but it made me feel a bit better.

It's difficult to not hibernate and eat lots of bad filling foods when it's this cold (-46C with the wind). I'm trying to be more active - the bellydance helps, but tonight I think more napping is in order. I'm worn down from overwork and have a tickle in my throat that does not bode well...but, as a plus, I have no class tonight and nowhere to be. I think napping and tea drinking is in order. If I didn't have to work today I'd still be under my duvet in a big warm ball with the cats.

Let the hibernation continue.


Bobby said...

Yes, beer does indeed help.

That's awesome, raising money for Alzheimers!

-46C sounds really cold! Wow.

We have two cats, one gets tangled in our legs, the other kind of shoves you off the bed.

Crabby McSlacker said...

If we could combine the beer and the inflatable jumping house, I'd be SO there.

With a nap afterwards.

Homo Escapeons said...

I am so sick of this Winter UGH! I'm trying to remember what I did all winter before I started blogging?