NINE! Nine weeks! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Finally! The last piece of healing is completed on my surgical incisions. I don't know what they put in that surgical glue but good grief!! I've been waiting patiently for it all to fall off and be fully healed and exposed for NINE FREAKING WEEKS! I was trimming back the scabs (tmi? sorry...) as they loosened so they wouldn't pull off or snag on clothes and my scars would heal up as well as possible and when I was trimming back the last tiny piece that was about the size of a short grain of rice it just came off all together. At last!!! Finally healed!

Now I can go swimming! I can have a bath in my new bathtub again!!! I bought all these bath salts and bath bombs before christmas as a treat to myself and I've been dying to use them...J has been having baths all the time and I've just been hanging out with him and dreaming about when I can get back into the tub. Truth be told I also feel a bit freer walking about in my knickers in the house too... I don't like PJs but I dislike even more having unhealed things on me and generally keep them covered...this is very freeing. I want to get to know my new body and get to be at home with it. :)

I see my surgeon on thursday for the "am I ready for the swap out surgery" checkup and I can't wait. Hopefully that can get booked in in March and I can be done the last of all this soon. I'm not in pain anymore but the expanders are not flexible at all - they're hard and so some things I do I can feel them...and sleeping on my side with my arm wrong ends up with me having a sore side-boob in the morning if I don't prop my arm up with a pillow. Plus there's a bit of a crease on Frankie where the expander sits under the new skin patch and I'm hoping with an implant it'll be smoother. Maybe they can do a bit of fat grafting to make it more uniform...who knows? These are all things I'll have to wait and see about as I heal. Yes the "boob job" portion of the program will mean more healing again, but I just wanna be done. And honestly, after the lat flap...anything would be a piece of cake.
Mostly, for now, I want my doc's go ahead to exercise vigorously again...I wasn't supposed to get all sweaty while I was still "healing" Hopefully now I can get a serious sweat on...even if I can't do much upper body work for a while yet I can definitely get sweaty soon, I hope. My pants are getting to be a bit snug and that's usually when I have to step up and reign myself in and I'd rather exercise more than eat less...winter is always tough for that kinda thing.

This morning I walked to work again. It was a bit cooler (about -15 with the wind) but I bundled up and took a mug of coffee and was just fine. Listened to some old Police and watched the moon over the river. Good way to start the day. I hope this warm spell stays for a while.

I must be off. Science is calling.
Later taters.

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