Physio day 1

This morning I did a set of upper body physio exercises and 30 each of lunges and squats. I'm supposed to start with doing the physio 3 times a day and working up from there. I'm building up gradually. I'm stiff, but I can do the moves without pain so things are alright. It's a start.

Tomorrow I will hop on the bike for a few minutes as well for some cardio, since winter makes walking a difficult cold thing that I don't do much and am back to taking the bus (boo). I slept in a bit too much today and so I didn't have time for that :) I did make myself some steel cut oats for breakfast though and it was a nice thing. I think I'll start cooking up a bit pot of oatmeal every monday and then reheating it all week for breakfasts...I like my morning smoothies but there's something about oatmeal in the winter mornings that is all warm and cozy.

Winter is here. Let the mugs of tea begin :)

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Yum Yucky said...

Steal cut oats! It's been forever since I had some. Maybe for din-din tonight. Hmmmm....