Your tauntaun won't make it past the first marker

we're not were grrr....

This weekend was a good one. It was Hoth level cold (-33 C and -42 with the wind) but I managed to get the errands done I needed to for work and still make tasty sweet potato lentil soup for lunches and do some relaxing around the house. I finally picked up a few eneagram books from the library and am going to start reading to learn more and improve myself I hope. 2016 is the year of the eneagram...and the ukelele...and the crafting. I will not waste this winter in front of the TV. I will expand my mind and create things. This includes making more wine too. Cuz, you know, wine.

This morning I was up and rode my bike for 30 minutes and then did the following with no weights: 30 squats, 30 lunges on each leg and 30 good mornings. Then I had a healthy breakfast - steel cut oats with protein powder and blueberries. Tomorrow will be 2 months post surgery. I have no plans to diet while I am healing but I *do* plan to get back to pre-surgery pre-holiday eating again. Only having boozxe on the weekends, healthy breakfasts and other meals and minimal evening snacking. This week will likely be a slightly grumpy one as my body readjusts to less sugar and carbs but I already feel so much better this morning so it's reminded me why I usually make a point to take care of myself. I am hopeful to get the go-ahead to use the elliptical at my doctor's appointment on the 28th. My physio exercises feel better every day - I have more range of motion and less stiffness daily. I don't want to do too much too soon so I may book a physio appointment soon and see if they recommend a personal trainer fro me. Since my job has wellness budget for this kinda thing I plan to take full advantage of it.

Anyways - hope you're all doing well in this frigid January day. I just wanted to log today and get back to work. So much to do!
Later taters.

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Yum Yucky said...

Welp, I read your whole entry but my mind is still stuck on that first sentence about the temperature. I would never make it where you live. I would fold and weep.