*mumble mumble*

So tired. Slept in. Again. Did my physio this morning, but not much else. My legs are stiff from yesterday. Rediculous...but to be expected. Tomorrow I will try again to add the bike and do some legwork again. It's amazing how quickly this stuff fades...

I did make the best breakfast ever tho - protein powder with some Tazo chai tea mix, eggnog and ice. Oh my. Delicious. And I made some eggnog rice pudding last night and it was, indeed, heaven in a bowl. AMAZING.

My sleep schedule is whacked. I need to get back to being in bed by 10 and up by 6 and it's gonna take a while. Ugh. I am just tired and cranky and sore, so I'm having to watch I don't snap at people...mostly J. J is preparing for taking an entrepreneur's business course the next 3 weekends and hope there will be some good stuff in it for him. It's only $200 but there may be a lot of things that aren't relevant for him in with some useful stuff and he's not good at dealing with office business bullshit. He's already complaining about it and it hasn't even started yet, so please offer up alms to the gods of patience for me so that I don't snap and lose my shit on him while I'm tired cranky and stiff. And grumpy.
More eggnog please.
*mumble mumble*

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Yum Yucky said...

I suffered a cough fit on Christmas Eve that kept me up all right, and my sleeping was whacked for an entire 10 days after that. Just now getting back to normal. It was terrible. Wishing J all the patience he needs, plus and extra bag full of it after that!