A respite from the cold

It's warming up a bit for a while. I was good all week with my morning biking but this AM I didn't for a good reason. This morning it was only -7 and although there was some wind (~20 kph) I dug out my long down coat and good boots and walked to work. It was FABULOUS. I sipped my coffee and strolled to the sounds of an old Coldplay album. Such a great way to start the day. And my hat head when I got here was spectacular! :)

It's gonna be a fun weekend. Tonight I'm excited to go and see a few shows (they all come at once it seems). My old high school friend Tabitha is in town from up north with her bluegrass band and they're playing a show at a coffee shop at about 8 tonight so I'm looking forward to seeing that and then a bit of a visit after. I never get to see her enough. Then a friend of mine is in town playing breaks at another club at midnight so I'll likely head over there as well for a bit of a dance and a visit...I can finally dance again and I could do with some good butt-wiggling. Saturday they are doing a Bowie tribute at the local arts theatre playing Labyrinth and Space Oddity and I hope to get to at least one of those...then at night it's a friend's birthday after so I'm sure some shenanigans will ensue. Sunday I'm taking Heather out on a girls day so she can have a bit of kiddie free time...don't know what we'll do but it will be nice to see her and catch up. I'll probably need a day off after all this to hibernate and reboot but it'll be worth it. It's nice to have stuff to do... :) January is always a broke month and to have fun stuff to do that is low cost makes the time go by faster.
BUT I should get off to the lab. I've been stuck decomissioning 2 old labs and it's a lot of work on top of my regular duties. I've been tossing SO much stuff...so satisfying...but I'm glad to be almost done. Whenever I do this it makes me want to go home and purge my house too, which I suppose is a good thing.
Have a fabulous weekend all you fine peoples!!

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