How to have a very unusual day

1. wake up sickly after your first full night of sleep in days
2. work most of a hectic day squeaking like a 90 year old smoker
3. leave early to go have a copper IUD installed (owie)
4. realize your gynecologist used to be one of the first residents you worked with about 10 years ago...then end up talking to them about it to make weird conversation about his family and how he's been in 10 years...*after* he's put the IUD in...(wierd does not even begin to describe it)
5. Head home to sit with a heat pad on your tummy nursing cramps all evening while a fine mist humidifier shaped like a frog blows on you so you won't cough (cuz, y'know, you still have bronchitis)
5. Randomly nibble Panago pizza while analyzing statistical data all evening when you'd rather nap
6. Give up, pop some advil, move your humidifier and go to bed. 

Tomorrow is a new day.
Thank frog.
Tomorrow HAS to have more to offer...

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MIZ said...

I hope youre sleeping and awake feeling like a new WOMAN.