amazing weekend

I had an amazing weekend: Bonfire for my birthday with friends. A new short funky haircut (my "fighting hair"...and yes, I'll explain *that* soon when I have time and headspace to do it's a lot to process so I'm taking my time).  New sparkly blue nail polish. Tasted my strawberry beer (it's divine).

Sunday I raked an obscene amount of leaves in our yard on a sunny day with J, had a great supper, ran some errands and even had time for a bit of snugly movie watching to end it all off. All sorts of goodness in a few days. I feel so blessed and loved. I will soon turn 40 on wednesday with a big smile on my face...

This morning I came in to workout and went to the spin and sculpt class and had a great workout. I must say - working out with super short hair ROCKS! No ponytail or bun or bangs in my face... and so much cooler...I'm liking this :) I even managed to make my cool hair look like it did when my friend cut it in the salon today and so I'm feeling all funky and ready for the day.

Game on.


Yum Yucky said...

I demand pictures of this new super-cool-fighter-badass-leave-raking-woman haircut!

solarity said...

Yes, pictures. I got tired of short hair after sixteen years of it, but still.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

MIZ said...

checking in on you.
busy day around here--there??
this is a haiku.