Knock on wood

A little better today. Mr Misty Frog helped me sleep better. It's a great mist humidifier and incredibly cute. My cats are not sure what to think of it though...
Still have a tender core and innards from yesterday to go with my cough but I am hopeful in a few days I'll be right as rain. All in all, less than I expected. Never google minor procedures before you have them done - from what I read on IUD forums I half expected to be in agony...but really not so bad. Not great, but I put on my big girl sparkle panties. It's gonna be OK.
I am looking forward to the weekend with my Dad and some relaxing. J can actually get away with me so we're going to relax. I am hoping I'll be up to a few short hikes and that I'll be off all cold and pain meds so that I can enjoy some of that cider I laid down about a month ago.  With any luck I'll be working out next week again (knock on wood)


azusmom said…
If it helps, I've had my copper IUD for 8 years and i LOVE it!
Glad you are on the mend.

And that is the cutest humidifier ever!
Geosomin said…
I am very relieved to hear that! :)
Noone i know here has one...

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