Back at it

Ah. Had a nice weekend and now I am finally back to the workouts. I feel so very very normal. It's lovely.
Finally back to some movement and sweating!
I tried not to go too crazy so I'm not super stiff tomorrow but I had a great workout and I feel amazing! I did 3 reps through of the following with 10 Lb dumbells followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical:
-15 one legged bulgarian lunges with knee raise (both legs)
-15 bicep curls
-15 box step ups with knee raise (both legs)
-15 shoulder press
-10 dragon curtsy squats (both sides)
-15 side ab raises
-15 bent rows
-1 minutes planks on the box
-15 tricep extensions
-15 back raises

Now it's off to a busy day.


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yup. She's definitely back at it. ((points at Geo))