Since the end of last week I have a nasty cold that's turned to bronchitis so I'm at home today coughing to myself and not bringing it to work to rest up and get better. I had grand plans to start a 30 day fitness challenge this week from Bodyrock TV but it will likely be the end of the week before I can think about that sort of thing. :( I did get out last night for a bit for my sister in laws birthday (made her a GF DF pumpkin spice cake that was deeeelicious), but other than that I've been lying low and coughing up a storm.
 Hoping I'll be on the mend for the weekend for thanksgiving so when I go up to visit my Dad I won't bring this nastiness up to him as well. I like it when I'm more active and feel like I've earned my pumpkin pie!
Hope you're all doing well


azusmom said...

Nooooooo! I'm so sorry! Bronchitis is AWFUL!
Hoping for a speedy recovery.


Yum Yucky said...

Gawsh. Sick again? Don't like to hear it, but glad you're back with your blog-communications. Now get some rest.

Yum Yucky said...

Oh, I used to have bronchitis a lot as a child. It's painful. I can relate. So hurry up and get bettah fast.

Charlotte said...

Ooh I haven't been following bodyrock recently! Is it better now? I've been kind of following Zuzka light. I hope you feel better soon! Bronchitis is AWFUL.