looks can be deceiving

New sculpt instructor subbing in today in a small class now that the spring term is done. Mitra is a tiny danish girl with blond hair, lots of energy and a big smile. She didn't look very strong though so I figured it might be a wimpy workout and I was a bit dissappointed as I was in the mood to work out hard today.
Oh. my. god.
She killed us!
Amongst our many moves were curtsy lunges (with pulses!), reverse lunges, back rows, shoulder presses, deltoid work,  chest flies, planks and other abwork and even inchworm walk outs to pushups. Oy. I sweated and shook and worked my ass off. Yup...solid workout.  She was strong! Functional strength too... which I dig. I have no doubt my poor holiday butt will be stiff tomorrow. I hope she's a regular replacement for our previous no show sculpt girl from the spring term.
Tonight I get to go hang with my brother for supper and visit his very first Japanese student who has come for a visit. She come back to Canada to go to university in Winnipeg the last few years and is really a part of the family now. It will be nice to see her.

I'm trying not to be bummed out about the fact that the service engine soon light came on in our car...we're PO'd and hope it's something minor since we have to, you know, drive it half way to Utah in a week. Our car, after being very good to us for a long time, has reached the implosion stage and we keep pouring $$ into it...we've put off getting another car since we're enjoying not having car payments for a bit - altho if it keeps this up we're essentially making car payments on it for repairs. *sigh*. J is going to have it booked in to judge the damage and we'll take it from there. Who knows. It should be a hose or spark plugs or the whole damn engine. No point in worrying too much until we know more...
Besides, I must start scheming about Utah. J and I are going shopping tomorrow for a bit more gear - light shirts and some good socks and to leave the rain shield to get the zipper repaired on the tent (yeah it's a desert but knowing out luck it'd rain if we didn't fix it). 1 week to go...and as the slackers we are we are SO not prepared :)

Must go. Much to do at work as well (as always). Time for breakfast and life.
Have a great day!

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azusmom said...

Here's a little secret I learned from working at the gym: If ideas/complaints/compliments come from members, they are taken much more seriously than of they come from employees. If you request that Mitra be made a regular (and maybe have some of the others from the class do so, as well), it's pretty likely they will offer the class to her.

Yeah, cars are great, but sometimes the maintenance is a pain. :( Here's hoping it's something minor!