Catching up

Oops. I skipped yesterday. Sorry. I did work out - evil sculpt class of doom. Still stiff in the arms and butt so I know it was a good one. Today was spin class. Another good one. I met an old friend after work for supper (mmm...steak and bake potato) and we hung out and caught up on life and went to the bookstore. We made schemes for a girly games night in a few weeks with late night Tomb Raider, coffee and the next afternoon at the local Comiccon. Giggedy. Plus, I finally picked up a copy of World War Z which I read 1/3 of on the way back from Utah after we listened to the 6 hour podcast in the car and was intrigued. If ya like spooky apocalyptic sort of stories in little chunks, with personal accounts of things, then pick it up. I'm loving it - should make a good bus book. Like a bunch of short stories...only really morbid...hmmm...I'm not selling it am I?
Just trust me - if you're at all into that sort of spooky scifi stuff (like say the Walking Dead) you may find it interesting.

At any rate, life is ticking along here nicely. Work is busy. Life also. Tonight we're having a gathering at a coworker/friend's house to visit with and offer a bit of a gift to another coworker/friend whose condo burnt down a few months ago. Her insurance covers most basic things but we all pitched in and got her some balcony plants, and a herb garden again, along with some fun spices and things for baking (she loves to cook and bake and loves plants). We're hoping it will make it feel a bit like home in her apartment she's in until they rebuild her place. Some cake and wine are always good too :)

I should go and make myself useful and get to work. Lots to do, as always.
Have an absolutely excellent day and in the words of the great ones "Be excellent to each other" :)

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azusmom said...

Party on, dude!
So sorry to hear about your friend's condo, but hopefully all will be back in place soon.