pants pants pants

So stiff. Lordy.
This AM was a good spin and sculpt class with Mel. Still feel like I need a good soak in a hot tub, but I'll adjust soon hopefully. I hobbled about last night like a granny much to the amusement of J.
Last night we went out to drop of the tent to get the zipper fixed and pick up some good hiking kit. I now have a pair of shorts and pants (sale rack!) and a bandanna scarf and J has a few super light weight shirts and a few pairs of zip off pants. Most importantly, some good hiking socks.
And (surprise) I  have a little rant - why are there hardly no zip off pants for women? In the hiking camping store guys have all these awesome shorts and pants and zip off pants with lots of pockets and light weight fabric shirts of every description. Women? Nada. Overpriced shorts and crop pants for the most part and absolutely no zipoffs. Lots of styley overpriced workout tops, running jackets and skirts and sundresses (because lets face it ladies nothing makes me want to hike in the mountains like a but no similar shirts for women. I'm looking for practical hiking gear...a little style is nice, but it was almost insulting. The only shirts were fashionable, vaguely impractical and pricey but not at all what I need... so my husband who is so not outdoorsey has all the options in the world. Which is good...makes him more comfortable. But for me I think I'm gonna have to do a value village trip after work and check out their tank top tshirt situation cause I need some more lightweight clothes...

But I must be off. Lots to do. Big family gathering this weekend for J's mom's birthday and the whole crew will be in from all over. Looking forward to seeing the fun relatives and will endure the crazies. My dad is driving down too, so it should be a good time. Sunday is more camping prep to see what we lack. Space is premium this trip (5 of us have to fit in a Kia Rio hatchback with all our kit...anyone have a magic wand?) so I'm being creative with what we are taking. J is nervous as we usually bring everything...his first real camping trip. We shall see :)

Later taters :)


azusmom said...

Well, obviously, we women aren't SERIOUS about things like hiking, camping, cycling, etc. After all, it might ruin our hairdos!
Grrrrrr, it makes me SO MAD!!!!!!

I've often wished for Timelord technology for our car (bigger on the inside). Sadly, it has not been passed along to us mere humans yet. What about attaching a hitch to the back of the car & securing some stuff there?

Geosomin said...

We have a roofrack that only fits our car but with it being sick we are trying another option. I may have found a strap on top box to borrow though so it may give us more space I hope at least for sleeping bags and the like... Bt yeah, the tardis would come in very handy on this trip :)

Yum Yucky said...

There's at least one or two crazies in every family bunch. Hope you had a good time. As for my extended family, they're pretty much all batshit.

Yum Yucky said...

Hey Geo, just checking in to say hello and I hope all is well. xoxoxo!

azusmom said...

Same here!