cha cha changes

This weekend was busy, but in a good way. I worked 8 hours at the salvation army charity store to start to work off my stupid traffic ticket (2 shifts left) and got a bit of yard work done and saw the new Star Trek movie. Even fit a BBQ in there. I had a lot of energy since J was out doing lights for a band friday night...I had plans to stop by but ended up napping with cats all night, which I think was the best thing for me, since I felt great all weekend :)

This morning I came in for spin and sculpt class and I could tell it's been a while. Reps were harder and I couldn't quite keep up the pace I did before, but I worked hard. I will be pushing myself this week and all of June to see how I can get back to pre-holiday I can be beach ready and take another holiday :)

We also were talking over the weekend and J and I are going to not only scheme to revamp our front yard (raised garden beds for fresh veggies next year!!!), but we also want to revamp our eating a bit. Been reading a lot of overwhelming evidence lately about nitrates and processed meats having some serious health impacts so from now on (with the rare exception of some delicious treat nitrate free bacon or pepper salami for  pizza) we are going to avoid processed meats. Seeing that J has a wrap or sammich every day for lunch, it will mean just being a bit more creative with the contents. More egg salad, tuna, and cooking chicken breast for sliced chicken or chicken salad instead of processed meats. I don't think it will be a huge deal to do this, and I like knowing what is in what we eat. I've made this switch with a lot of other things to remove preservatives and chemicals from our food and this is just another step that I admit I have ignored due to convenience. We've also found a few ethical organic farms that we can order our meat from (they make their own preservative free sausage too...he heh), so starting next ordering cycle we are going to try and switch over to them.

But for now. Another crazy day at work. Here we go!


MIZ said...

Im with you on the nitrates.
baby steps here.

azusmom said...

All sounds good!
How did you like the new Benedict Cumberbatch movie?
I mean "Star Trek?"