Just imagine they're all naked...

I am flattered and nervous at the same time. My old boss discovered there is funding in his department to purchase a digital microscopy system for pathology  similar to the one I used in my MSc project. Since I am the only one to really use the system and put it through it's paces he's asked me to dig out my MSc talk and head over to the pathology board room at City Hospital and present it to a few of the pathologists and talk with them to see if I can give them any useful information for purchasing a quality imaging system. My project data isn't exactly what they need to hear but I was able to use the system and discover what is really needed for a  good system and be able to tell them what it can and can't do for them as far as diagnostics and resarch goes.
Am I nervous? F*ck yes.
Will I do this right? Absolutely.

I dug out my thesis defense talk yesterday and went through it 4 or 5 times and added a few slides to try and make it a bit more relevant to what they are looking into and I hope I won't bore them to tears. It should be about 30 minutes I think with lots of time for discussion after if they haven't all fallen asleep. I seem to be coming down with a cold (because it's my birthday on sunday and I always have a cold around this time it seems) so I will try not to sniffle too much. To be honest my main panic is that my hated chemo brain will strike mid presentation and I'll stand up there like an idiot trying to remember basic words and phrases and just stare blankley until I just panic andsay "and that's the waaaaaaaay the news goes" like Rick Sanchez and run out of the room in flapping my arms. I know you aren't supposed to put all your talking points on your slides, but for my own sanity and to try and stop this very thing from happening I've got most of what i want to say on my powerpoint slides so that I can read off them and hopefully keep my shit together enough to give a good talk.

After I get to go to my brother's for supper and we'll likely celebrate both mine and my sis-in-laws birthday and I can relax a bit.

For now, I will think about happy things and be off to a meeting. I found this the other day on a quest to cheer myself up and it makes me smile...sometimes that's just the thing :)

Later taters.

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