Well I kicked ass at my talk. It was great. I was able to sit instead of stand and it was a lot more casual than I expected so I invited people to ask questions as I went and there was lots of great discussion. I also added some image slides in at the last minute on the advice of a coworker and it was a good decision. It just went A1 great and I am so pleased.

I almost missed it because the ride shuttle was relocated and noone told me but my lovely J swooped in and picked me up and drove me over. I'd have walked but I'm still being kind to my foot to make sure it heals up well. It felt really good to present my work and answer questions from people who understood why it was so cool and why it mattered to me. And I got to meet the pathologist who read my biopsy and thank her personally and talk to a woman from the diagnostic crew there who I hadn't seen since I finished my MSc. They all helped process biopsies and work tirelessly every day to help patients get their diagnosis as fast as possible - and they're one of the best labs in the country. I am proud to have worked with them. To have them admire my work is an honour.

Then after work my brother gave me a big kids classic Star Wars coloring book with some markers and a full 64 box of crayolas for a birthday gift hee hee. We visited and drank tea and just hung out for the first time in a while. My big brother has a stressful job he is starting to hate and is looking for new work -he's had a few interviews for a job that is exactly what he would like to do that he could do from home (technical IT writing - I don't get it but whatever floats your boat). He has another skills test thursday and I hope it goes well -I want him to be happy and be able to crawl out from under his ball of stress job. He's a good guy and he deserves it.

He and his wife have started eating a ketogenic diet to try and address some of her health issues and I'm curious to see if it will work for her. No grains or sugars (no carbs really) must be tricky, but the meal they made was super tasty... I'm going to look into it a bit more and see what it entails.

But now I should go get some work done. I have an 80s playlist on and am feeling pretty good...
Hope you all have a fabulous day :)

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azusmom said...

OF COURSE you kicked ass!!!!!