I weighed myself yesterday since for the past few weeks I have not been even remotely trying to be good and my clothes really fit wierd...aaaaaand I have gained 5 Lb in the last few months - I am unhappy about that. So...since I have no desire to buy new stuff, I will be focusing on losing those 5 Lb by christmas (where hopefully I won't eat them all back in one go ahem). Yeah I know I said that was the plan last month but you gotta just get back on the wagon and start again with this sort of thing. More importantly, my mood is sinking with winter coming and the lack of light and I know how much eating well and exercising helps me with that. I have been walking to work but I could be doing more. I've just been staying up late (while drinking and snacking) and sleeping in instead. If I want to fight off the depression that likes to creep up on me since I started taking tamoxifen I need to take better care of myself. Plus I can't eat like I'm working out if I'm not. It doesn't work that way. I have the metabolism of a sleeping sloth so I have to watch myself - I was told one of the best things I can do to keep myself cancer free is to maintain my weight and be healthy, so I really want to look after myself better.

Because I'm worth it.

I also have a whole bunch of fun winter projects to look forward to. I want to reorganize my pantry (no really this is a good thing), do some sewing, knitting and canning for christmas gifts and spend some time getting the basement back in order after the whole chimney removal thing.

On a totally other topic - I discovered yesterday that tuna salad on bread with a slice of apple is a rather heavenly lunch. So good I had it 2 days in a row. Yum.

This weekend I have to rake the whole yard since the snow melted and it hasn't rained lately...I figure it's my last chance to do so before winter hits for real so I have yard work to do. I also have about 15 Lb of apples to juice and try to make cider out of...I was going to make pies but cider seems like more fun. I won't fortify it with sugar like I did last time and hopefully it won't be so crazy strong...plus I have a wine kit to get started so I'll get on that on sunday too so I have some nice Pino Grigio at Christmas.

Only a few hours left before I can be home for the weekend. I'm looking forward to it. Tasty meals, snuggles and reading in the bath with a glass of wine - I am definitely looking forward to that.
Have a nice weekend!!

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