september whirlwind

So what's up? :)
I've been off and insanely busy until now and so amidst all the madness I just didn't post. LOTS to do at work plus J and I helped friends who are opening a float tank (sensory deprivation tank) business decorate the ceiling in their lobby with fabric and lighting (blue and fabric over the tiles and white draped like waves with twinkling blue lights behind it- it looks AMAZING. I am so proud. We get paid a bit and get a bunch of free floats out of it. I'm excited to try a float - never have before.

Then I helped a friend with first aid and harm reduction at their weekend music festival which was a blast - one last chilly weekend being a twit with friends. This past weekend was a day trip to a craft fair out of town with my best friend and then a hot tub party at anothers that night, with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's Run for the Cure bright and squeaky early on sunday AM. I made it to all of them and thoroughly enjoyed myself. My team the Scientits raised ~$1200 this year. It's less than last year but we had a lot of team members who couldn't come this year and we all had a lot of obligations this year that kept us from fundraising as aggressively as last year so I am happy with what we raised. I managed to raise nearly all of that myself so I am proud. You do what you can when you can.

Now? turns out it's Canadian thanksgiving this weekend. Whew. That snuck up on me! I'm actually looking forward to things slowing down massively now that fall and winter are here. J has been really stressed out lately and I've been trying to help him with things and with his projects along with all I regularly do, but he was there when I needed him so it's time to pay it makes for an exhausted me, rather unhealthy quick meals, fewer workouts and very little getting done around the house tho. It's been a bit maddening so I am welcoming the slowdown to come.The weekend up at my dad's should be nice and relaxing. We will be having all the local neighbors over for supper sunday. Everyone brings something and we do the turkey and stuffing and it's always a great time. Usually 25 people or so. It's a family tradition my Mum started that is still going and I'm proud to help dad with the cooking to keep it going.

We had a freak storm this week. Up to 20 cm of snow in some places and 50 kph winds...for 2 days but then it's supposed to melt and be warm again until the end of the month. We're breaking temperature and snow records. I had to dig out my winter boots waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay early. Um....yay? Not amused. But hey - this is October in Saskatchewan. Anything goes...

I admit to slacking off with a lot of my workouts in September because of being so damn busy. I also drank too much during the week (I usually delegate booze to the weekends). Sleep won out as a priority. Liquor won out as a stress reliever. I'm not proud of that...but it was what it was. Thankfully now that things have calmed down I'm back at it though. I was running the last while but with this weather bullshit I'm doing some bodyrock intro bootcamp workouts inside until it warms up a bit. Just keeping at it. Bit by bit. :)

Hope you've all been happy and that all is well with you. I'm off to get some science done. Later taters.


solarity said...

That sounds like a really exhausting month! Happy Thanksgiving, and a restful October to you.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

JavaChick said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

It's tough when things get busy. You just have to get through to the other side, and then get back to normal...hopefully with your sanity intact! :)