get by with a little help from my friends

This was a great weekend. I am exhausted. I slept little. But...I am no longer crushed by the annoyances of the life I live and refilled with energy and happiness from some quality times spent with some lovely people.
There was pumpkin spice ale.
And a friend's new kitten.
And brunch and an afternoon with my bestie H.
And noodle bowls.
And dancing with lasers by J...
And then ....technobreakfast after a night of fun with friends at C's house, where E made delicious frittata for us all and we sipped coffee and Bailey's and pina coladas and ate sweet potato hashbrowns with them while we laughed and smiled and enjoyed the company of each other before bumbling home all happy and fed to a day of naps and ginger tea.

Now I just need some coffee to stumble through today and get home to a nap and all will be well I think.
Life is good peoples. Life is very good.

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azusmom said...

Nothing like good friends, good food & drink, and a kitty to recharge your batteries. :)