Well...I worked out twice this week. Not too stellar. Better than nothing BUT I need to do better. I was embarrasingly stiff the day after the bunny hill workouts...heheh. The main problem? Staying up too late. A friend is in town visiting and I'm still sort of on holiday hours so getting up 30-40 minutes early to workout hurt...I need more sleep than I used to and I'm learning. I can be boring and go to be early and workout and feel good or I can be tired and cranky. We ate out twice this week too which didn't help. I tried to be healthy about it, but and Thai food? Nom. Yeah. I have to work on that. And so I will. Each week is a new one :)

This weekend will be interesting. I was gonna be on my own while J worked out of town but his gig was cancelled so he's only doing a bit of work in town. I'm helping a friend paint their deck but other than that it's wide open. There is an event tomorrow night wiht some good music that I might hit up and see, but I'll play it by ear. J is feeling a bit down today so I might just spend the evening with just him and have a quiet weekend. I don't need to get out much to be happy. J is more the social guy, so I'll see what happens. Whatever it is I hope it's's been an expensive month and I need to stop spending $$ like we're on holidays...heheh

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