The tortoise and the hare I've been lazy most of the summer lapping up the holidays and eating whatever I please with a few beer thrown in for good measure. And so my pants are tight. Ahem. we go with getting back to health again. I'm well healed up enough to ease back into workouts in addition to my walking to work daily so as of today I've started back to working out to rebuild my strength again. I'm focusing on the introductory Bunny Slope workouts from Zuzka Light's website. They are basic getting back to fitness workouts for complete beginners and about 20 minutes long  - so a good start for this sort of thing. A slow work up will be a bit frustrating for me BUT it will be absolutely critical to keep lymphedema at bay. After a month or so of this I'll move up to some other workouts that are a bit more intense but other than walking I am very out of shape what with surgery recovery and then general laziness for a few months. After a few weeks I might get back to my couch to 5K run program as well, given the gorgeous fall weather. I picked up squeaky lung asthma related sort of bronchitis thing while on holidays and have been using a steroid inhaler for the last week to get my lungs back to normal - hopefully I'll be able to do more vigorour workouts's improving daily but right now I'd be unable to breathe if I pushed too hard. I'm embarrassed to say that I found some of this first workout actually hard (the ab work in particular), which lets me know I'm starting out at the right level. Slow and steady wins the race. :) Today I'll eat healthy and keep this rolling all week and we'll see how I do. Every day is a fresh start.

On a totally different topic I found this sight today - Spoonflower. It lets you design your own fabric or paper! Yup - you can either buy designs of other people on various fabric or papers or send in your own design and make your own. How cool is that? And the price isn't too extreme. I mean it isn't discount cheap or anything but most custom print fabric is 15-20$ a metre so this is about the same with infinite customization. I have some great baby and christmas sewing ideas brewing in my head. Heheh.We shall see.

I should run. Much work to do and then a dentist appointment with a movie night out with my bestie after. A fun full day. Have a good one my peeps.


JavaChick said...

Ha ha! I noticed I had put on a few pounds too and wondered what the heck was going on since I haven't been eating any differently...Then I remembered: beer...We have been enjoying it this summer. :)

solarity said...

Spoonflower is solo dangerous!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

solarity said...

(How did autocorrect sneak in behind my back? Sooo, not solo.)