So far so good.

Day 2 - on point. Yay me.

Yesterday we ate healthy and I avoided snacking while watching Snowpoercer, which is some good apocalyptic sci-fi if you're into that sorta thing. Walked to and from work and had a great day.

This AM I crawled out of bed by 6 and did all my over physio/basic workout exercises. 2 sets of 15 of the following with 5Lb weights:
sumo squats
front lunges
side lunges
donkey kick backs on your hands and knees
ball passes (hands to feet)
bicycle crunches
dumbell ab rows
bicep curls
overhead extensions
tricep extensions
bent rows
T side lift and front lift with straight arms

I forgot chest flys, but since I should be easing into it I'll add those thursday. My thing is actually did it. It was a nice, if mosquioto laden, walk to work with some granola, fresh yogurt and  my friend's yummy apricot compote for breakfast. Nom. I have a healthy lunch and I'm on it. Oh yes. Lets see how today goes shall we? :)

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