And now -a woman prances and shreaks on a ladder for your entertainment

It was an odd weekend. Friday after work I managed to lock myself out of the house (forgot my key) and J had moved the spare key so I had the swingingest friday ever -hung out in the yard with my dead cell phone (yup - couldn't even call someone to come visit me...) and used my new fire pit for 4 hours until J got home from work. I did some yard work and collected a bunch of deadwood in the hedge and had a nice bonfire...eventually went for a stroll to the local Tim Hortons for a sammich and tea when my stomach started to growl. Relaxing but silly evening. Tried to make the most of it. I love bonfires and it was a beautiful evening so I admit, it was pretty nice for the most part...if a bit dull.

Saturday I helped a friend paint his deck and sunday I decided to attack the spider infestation on my house. I didn't realize how bad it had gotten. This year there were more webs on and around  my house than I've ever seen and they kept growing over the last month to the point where you could see one that was on a window ledge from was starting to get all halloweeney and the more I looked the more there were. I *hate* spiders and so I wanted them gone before fall made them want to move indoors on my house. I went out with a ladder and cleared out so many webs -6 of the biggest freaking wolf spiders I've ever seen came fluttering down from around my windows and door frame as I cleaned. Blech. J was giggling at me inside the living room as I was up on the ladder doing it because I kept making ridiculous squeaks whenever I discovered a spider and knocked it to the ground. I was on a ladder so I couldn't really go anywhere - just hope to hell they didn't land on me. Those f*ckers were HUGE. Gibbly gibbly gibbly.
After that I washed the windows and cleaned up a bit in the it was a useful thing in the end. I made J get me some 14 year old Arran scotch at the end after all his giggling - I earned it. Whew.

This morning, since my lungs seem to have recovered from whatever nonsense they picked up on holidays, I started back at my running again. Started back with the Cto5K app to get running again before the winter snows come. I plan to run 3X a week and do physio/weights the other 2, as well as walk to work. I'm going to be a good dialed in eater and exerciser until my birthday at the end of October and see where it gets me. I bet I can make some real strength and fitness improvements in a few months. All I know is I feel freaking amazing this morning so I know I'm off to a good start.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm off to the lab for some science.

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JavaChick said...

After battling spiders, you definitely deserve Scotch!

I hate spiders (bordering on phobia) and we get them pretty bad this time of year too - they build webs all across our entry way, and start making their way into the house. Ugh!