Last run before I run off...

Today is my day off before we leave for 5 days camping holidays to a electronic music fest in the woods in Alberta. I have had to bake a zillion things and pack all manner of stuff, but before I got to the work, I made sure I ran this morning, the same distance I did on monday. I slept in a bit longer than I planned, so it was a lot hotter than I'm used to.
It was harder was much warmer (I like the whole rain thing cuz you don't get warm), but I did it. 7 times 2 minutes walk and 5 minutes run. I'm always surprised in the last few reps that I have to keep telling my brain - no you can do it, keep pain, no strain and you can still breathe, you just want to stop. And sure enough, I keep at it and I finish off the 5 minutes. If I were ever in pain or dizzy or anything I'd stop for sure, but it's odd how I have to argue with my body about what it can do...granted it's an extra running rep when I go this route and I'm at it 50 minutes instead of 42, but I think I've managed to fiti it in, although the last bit was tough. Even on the exercise machine in the basement I have to bribe my body to keep going. I honestly think part of the fitness is mental training. Having the beautiful footbridge over the river to finish off is a lovely reward for hard work...but I don't think I could've run too much further. I'm glad you get the effortless runs every once in a while so you feel good about keeping with it. For some reason running has given me chiseled and defined abs I'm not complaining.

I do feel good tho now after a day of baking goodies. I just made 2 dozen muffins, 2 dozen bacon cheese biscuits, 2 pans of cookie bars and 4 dozen granola bars (and last night I made 6 scotch eggs). I think we're set for food with some puddings and fruits and cereal...I always end up sharing and like to have lots so I don't hoarde food. Plus it's fun going around giving away the leftover stuff on the last morning. I love Motion Notion - it's the 4th year I've gone and the atmosphere and music is great - I can't wait to go...
I won't run while I'm away, but I figure dancing all thursday friday and saturday night will be good enough :) I bet I can dance a lot longer than before...I can't wait to find out.


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