Slacking off and loving it

Well aren't I the slacker.
All of MOtion Notion I danced probably 5 or 6 hours each day and was up all night, but I was good and made sure I ate well.
When we got back I realised how exhausted I was...all monday I basically layed around slightly queasy, watching Babylon 5 with J on the couch and eating ordered in chinese food (I got dizzy making pancakes and decided cooking was out). Tuesday was better...we cleaned up our camp gear and got it all sorted away and did come laundry. We even went through some stuff in the basement to clear out space for our newly organised camp gear and got all nostalgic going thru our old stuff from before we were married. J even had some really old things like cub scout badges and toy cars. We tossed a lot of junk as we hadn't really touched the boxes since we moved in the house years ago.
Then we made a snack of hummus and pita chips and relaxed for the evening before going back to the real world. I put off running (so I thought) until thursday to be kind to my body.
BUT last bnight was a concert with free food and drinks and I was exhausted from being out late so...I skipped out. I feel very guilty, but I'll eb sure to be up and running tomorrow morning. I hope I can still do it - it feels like ages!
It felt good with friends going through our trip photos, complimenting me on how good I looked in my bikini top and bear suit head (long story - see my blog for some photos).
Who knew I looked good to other people besides J?
Feels good to know the working out pays off :)
I'll be back at it tomorrow - honest!

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