Cat free stretching

Well, after a lazy weekend (reading all day Sunday) I crawled out of bed to run this morning. It's been so ungodly hot lately and not cooling off at all. Even with air conditioning it's been evil - it was 23 degrees C at 5:15 AM. This is NOT right - I was sweating like a fool by the time I got back. I did my 2 min walk + 5 minutes run 6 times, altho I admit on one of them I walked a few extra seconds befire I ran again...but I ran an extra minute at the end of it all so it all evens out right? Yeah. OK...whatever I think :)
It was harder today - I always know I can run 5 minutes, but today I made sure I kept a brisker pace to challenge myself a bit and ran back over the train bridge to keep to the shade on the other side of the river on my way back to the house...then when I came home I had a brainwave and sweated all over the cats by hugging them (much to their annoyance) - but my cat deterrent worked. By the time they'd cleaned my *filthy* hugs off them I was done stretching and doing sit ups uninterrupted.
Aha! I've found a cat free way to stretch.

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