Build a fire...we're gonna build a fire

Well sunday I finally did what I've been saying I would do for 5 odd years or so...I built the firepit. J's aunts who used to live here built a small firepit right beside our house under the trees so I could never use it without possibly burning the house...or shed...or yard down. So fires for me. We had actually taken to hauling wood across the river to a firepit in the trees there. All the pieces were here even so it cost me nothign but some manual labor... I just had to move it to a safe space in the yard. I decided that this summer I would do all the things like this I've been talking about because...well...because life is too damn short and I just want to have a fire in my back yard. (dammit)

And so after 2 hours of digging and sawing at tree roots (which was very satisfying if not a little frustrating) I present to you our fire pit. Mee hee.

J being the sweet man he is heard me swearing and digging and left to pick me up some cold beer so when I was done I could stand all satisfied and drink one (OK two...) smugly when I was done. I can have a bonfire in my yard now.


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