life goals

I strive for this. Some days I fall flat on my face but you do what you can...

I'm in week 2 of my Couch to 5K program again. So far so good. i did my physio for the first time yesterday as well, so I'm slowly working my way back. Running in the morning is just a beautiful's too hot to run after work. So far so good. :)

I had my annual physical - the first one since I finished everything and I'm happy to say I'm in great health. My bad cholesterol is so low it's below the lower limit and all the other stuff is OK as well. It's good to know that I seem to be getting back to things and my health is good. After all I've been through, it's reassuring. I know I can never forget and pretend I'm not worried it'll come back, but for now I'm doing alright. I have a whole summer of just holidays and bonfires and BBQs and hiking and music festivals...and and Hee hee.

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azusmom said...

Yay! Good thoughts for continued good health!