It's June. Let's get back on it.

This morning I started my slow return to exercise. Hee hee.
I did some lower body stuff and ab stuff:
ball passes
leg lifts
side leg lifts
kick backs
then some lunges, some squats, some sumo squats and good mornings...
Then I walked to work. Good start I think.

As of monday I can start at my upper body but I thought I'd ease into it. Tomorrow I'll try the bike. I want to start my couch to 5K in the mornings starting monday as well, so I'm pumped for that to start. The weather has been glorious and I see all those people out running and I'm jealous!!! I'm feeling pretty normal now and if I take it easy I think I'll be able to work on some jiggle and get a bit more fit for summer. I have things to do and I want to be healthy enough to do them :)

So nice to know that this is it. No more waiting. Time to get back to things.
Aw yeah.


grapecat said...

aw yeah indeed :) Fab news. I went for a belter of a run yesterday along Regent's Canal - I thought of you guys when I ran past Camden Market :)

JavaChick said...

Congrats! It was a long haul, but you have handled it all so well. Good luck with your return to exercise and enjoy! :)

Yum Yucky said...

Cue the Rock theme music!