Starting up a brand new day

Well hello :)

After a lovely long holiday of much indulgence (and tightening of pants...ahem) I am back and ready to go here in the land of health and fitness. I feel strong, and have the go ahead from my doc to get back to things on a more aggressive level. I have to watch to not get crazy, but I am apparently doing way better than I should be at this point, so I'm encouraged. He said "whatever you're doing keep doing it". So I will :)

So, I'm back to regular workouts that I was building up to before the holiday noshing via my physical trainer and I'm going to really dial in my eating and dump the few pounds I added over the holidays. I have a reprieve until the fall when I meet my plastic surgeon to start the journey to boobies so I plan to use the time I have to get as healthy as I can so that I can heal up well. My pants are starting to get snug. A reminder to dial it in for a while and not snack so much. I resolve to take my vitamins and supplements daily. My doc reminded me that tamoxifen depletes you of calcium and  vitamin D and can lead to early osteoporosis so I'm gonna nip that in the bud if I can with strengthening exercises and vitamins.

My morning workout was the following:
3 rounds of:
-15 low isolated crunches
-15 chest press on the ball (8 Lb)
-15 dumbbell curls on the ball (8Lb)
-15 front dumbbell raises (8Lb)
-15 standing rows (band)
-15 kneeling pullbacks with tricep kickbacks
-20 ball passes (from hands to feet)
-10 side lunges with floor touch (each leg)
-10 sumo squats with side leg raise (each leg)
Then at the end I did 10 legs passes "around the world" over a chair forward and back and stretched with my cat and that was that.

My exercises are upper body intensive because of the rebuilding I've been working after my mastectomy on but my next appointment with my PT we will be adding more lower body stuff...which is good. With it being hothlike outside I'm not as active as usual...

I don't weigh myself often, but I have as a starting point. The slightly low scale I have says I am at 128, so that's my baseline (it's about 5Lb below the docs scale...erm, and about 5Lb up from before the holidays...ahem)

All I know is I feel great and I hope that by the time Feb rolls around I'll have built some new habits and muscles. Every day is a new day to get up to new shenanigans and start over again towards a better me. Here we go :)

Have a great day.

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