Quick stop

Hi - must run. I have a long day of training but wanted to log to keep accountable. This morning after a 5 minute warmup on the bike I did 7 cycles of hiit biking on my spin bike (30 seconds all out + 2.5 min regular speed) and then 2 minutes to cool down. Think I need a few more minutes cool down though- my ACE inhibitor meds lower my blood pressure and I got a bit dizzy after on my way to the shower (like when you stand up too fast) so next time I'll cool down a full 5 min before getting off.
Feels great now though.
Later taters :)


JavaChick said…
Good for you! Wish I was a morning person! :)
Geosomin said…
I'm not...that makes it all the more evil. Its just the only time I can do it...so I'm sucking it up and doing it :)

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