Friday is for all out crazy awesome workout fun...

Aha! Friday!
This morning started earlier than I meant it to. J had to be up an hour before me (4:30...ick) and the cats decided that since he was up I should be too...he heh. I tried to sleep until 5:20 when I usually get up, but I admit I just dozed a bit really. 2 cats walking all over you waiting to be fed will do that! Why they didn't bug J to feed them I have no idea. Little creatures of habit they are :)
In the end I got up as normal and got ready and came in to workout this morning. I am starting to feel and look more like my pre-christmas self again. I feel stronger and although I'm not quite back to it, I *feel* better and definitely stronger. You know the feeling when you have muscles and you can feel them move about and it feels good just to do things to feel yourself flex and move? Yeah. like that :)
This morning I was a bit undecided as to what to do and it was yelley lady's class day so I didn't take the spin class. I figured I'd just do a repeat of last friday-hot girls sweat and ZWOW7. Tough, but I worked on proper form and I did it! Woo! It indeed kicked my ass and finished it a bit sooner than last time. I did a few back extensions and hanging ab crunches and that was that. Done and done :)
It makes me grin. I am so proud that I can do all this now...the whole pushup thing is just amazing to me. When I started I could do a, lots. Makes me feel like am indeed becoming Uberfrau :)

I am off to a day of science and hope to get some serious thesis work this weekend. I have to figure out (zzzzzz) reference software this weekend and enter all my bibliography info for my thesis (about 150 references or so) into whatever I end up using. Fun on a bun (not). But...must be done. I have a self imposed deadline on a few thesis things for the weekend to get them accomplished and want to spend a few hours watching Game of Thrones with J on DVD this weekend. It'll be nice enough we might get out for a nice walk...may have to dig out the wellies if this snow starts to melt...there's a LOT of it with nowhere to go :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


azusmom said...

Game of Thrones is awesome!
Enjoy your weekend as much as you can. :)

Cuppypower said...

you should be proud! ZWOWssssssssssss are hard core!