Get your grumpface on

Last night I got some solid thesis editing done, but before that I definitely had my tired grumpface on. I didn't realize how hungry, tired and cranky I was when I got home from work until after I began ranting at the cat (too loud) and the washing machine (not fast enough) and random bits of furniture (in my way...and...ding ding! Gentlemen, we have maximum crank!) I thought "hey! I should probably eat something!"
Thankfully J worked all night so he didn't get to share in the wonderful crank that was me last night.
Once I had a healthy meal, a hot shower and a few minutes of downtime I am glad to report I felt more like me again. I was ready to work and went on to have a productive evening.

It got me thinking, that altho I am trying to cut back a pound or two still hanging on from the holiday season, I think I need to tweak my diet a bit...I'm obviously not getting what I need. I'm out of protein powder and until I can get across town to get some more I'm out of luck. Maybe that was it? Who knows. All I know is I'll be looking for the crankface to day and will try and ward it off if I can. I was writing Dr. Seuss style poetry about my thesis stress last night so it can't be that bad :)

This morning I came in for spin and sculpt. I am tired, but got to bed at a decent hour last night. It's another day of life for crazy old me.
Here goes nothing :)


Cuppypower said...

humm... may be look at what you actually ate on the day before you had the crank face attack? May be something you ate, someone has triggered it?! I agree that your body is prob. trying to tell you it needs something different. Did you know that you have inspired me to run? I HATE running, but I guessed I don't have to love something to know that it will do me good!

Geosomin said...

:) Cool! I'm glad.
I know it's crazy to say, but I love running...I can't much anymore with my knee being a PITA if I run very much. It's the whole being outside, moving meditation sort of thing. I've been forced into being more a biking/pliometrics person now, but I'll still go for a run when we're somewhere really pretty and keep it under 5K and my knee doesn't hate me *too* much...
I'm trying to tweak foods a bit...some more complex proteins and carbs to see if that will help fend off the grumps...we shall see!

Cuppypower said...

Complex protein? That is something new to me! will google it!
I can not run at 9.1km/hr pretty comfortably. (I run on the trademill at the gym for 4k at lunch time, about 3 times a week) it takes me approx. 28 mins to do. My next running goal is doing 6k 3 times a week. I think that should take me less than 45 mins. :)
Having said that, i am kicking my ass with watching what i do and working out so hard, i am still not lossing weight. it sucks!