Crunchy goodness

Well this weekend was mostly thesis stuff. All saturday I worked away on it, with a bit of chinese food and a late night movie at the end as a reward - John Carter. Loved it. LOVED it. Good old fashioned science fiction, based on an old story by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Made me feel like a kid reading stories at night under my blanket with a flashlight again :)

Sunday was more thesis work, only until supper... mostly references (so utterly boring). I have found a decent (free!) referencing software called Mendeley to make my thesis look pretty when I'm done, but I have to enter all my references into it (sigh). That will take a little while, as there are over 200. I'm at about 60... I'm going to try and to 20 every day this week and hopefully get them done soon. J and I relaxed in the evening and watched an old Mystery Science Theatre 3000 spoof and giggled away with a glass of wine. Nice way to end the weekend...

I tried a bunch of baked crunchy things for cooking this weekend. I have found a few recipes for baked healthier versions of old favourites and they were amazing. Friday night I made the baked onion rings along with the crunchy breaded baked tofu from the Oh She Glows weblog. They were insanely delicious. The onion rings seriously blow any other onion rings out of the water that I've ever had!. Last night for supper was spaghetti squash and almond/panko coated baked chicken. More baked crunchy goodness...better than the old fried standards we used to make. Yum. Other than the delicious prickly pear Gewurztraminer we had last night and a light beer or two I had while working on my thesis I think we did rather well foodwise this weekend. :)

This morning I came in and did my Workout B plus modified abfest (there's a bunch of ab stuff in spin and sculpt tomorrow) as well as 26 on the stairclimber and now I'm in sipping my coffee and nibbling on my cottage cheese and raspberries. Time for another day :)

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Yum Yucky said...

Hmmmm. John Carter was good? I wasn't sure I wanted to see it. I do have a free movie ticket. I should go. Can't wait for Hunger Games next week!!!!! dear gawd, those books were awesome.