Hello Jello legs

This morning was a tough love letter to my ass. As I said on a facebook comment to someone this morning - I think I broke my ass.
I had prepped up a recent bodyrock tv workout "Hot Girls Sweat" to do with some other cardio, but last night while avoiding, er, taking a break from, my thesis, I noticed that ZWOW7 was up. So, in my infinite insanity I thought "I know, they're short -I'll do them both!"
And boy did I :)
I actually feel pretty darn swanky at the end of it all. I have no sandbag so I found weight replacements that would work. Threw in a few back extensions and crunches and called it a day. My hamstrings are already pointing out to me how much they worked to day, so I am thinking I'll be very glad I'm doing computer work tomorrow...sitting will be good :)

Because I don't want to get to work just yet, here's the workout breakdown:

Hot Girls Sweat:
30 second intervals (or I did 20 of each if I wasn't done 20 in 30 sec)+ 10 sec rest of :
Pushup with side extension
sandbag swing (20 Lbs)
Jump Switch lunges
Bentover row (35 Lb)
Side lunge with weight (15 Lb) -left
Side lunge with weight (15 Lb)-right
Pushup + touch shoulder
lunge and twist with weight (15 Lb)
shoulder press and squat (with 25 Lb)
pushups with feet on a bench
Mountain clumbers
reverse pullups
side plank-left
side plak-right
tricep dip
goblet squat with weight (15 Lb)


3 times through:
10 X 3 jump switch lunges + side kick
10 supergirl pushups
2 minutes skipping
20 side ab crunch/extensions with weight (20Lb) left side
20 side ab crunch/extensions with weight (20Lb) right side

Plus 2X: 20 back extensions and 20 hanging ab crunches.

The last ZWOW rep was tough, I'm not gonna lie. But I did it. Beast mode. :)
Then I wobbled myself to the mats for a really good stretch out and had a hot shower before work. Both workouts are supposed to only be about 12-15 minutes but combined I took a bit longer than that what with my stopping to wheeze asthmatically every once in a while (my asthma is acting up lately). I concentrated on good form and doing the moves well, not just fast so I don't hurt my knee with all the lunges and jumping and it went well. Wow...what a good workout. I feel fierce!
The funny thing is the girl I admire who does the cool odd workouts I mentioned yesterday came in to workout in the middle of my workout and did the EXACT SAME workout as me. Exactly! He hee. Cool.

And so, I am off to another busy day. I hope to get a shwack of thesis work done this weekend to hand in to my supervisor for some red ink decoration. Today I get a chunk back from him that I gave him last week...I'm sure that will give me more to do. I think it will be coated in red ink too. Man. I can't wait to finish this thesis...

Well, have a lovely weekend! I will too...off to try and make my jello legs do my bidding for the rest of the today...


Crabby McSlacker said...

I must try this ZWOW7 of which you speak it sounds gruesome! Er, I mean awesome! Well, actually I mean both.

Hope your ass feels better soon... and perhaps Hallmark needs a whole new line of ass greeting cards if this workout takes off!

azusmom said...

Crabby, I think your on to something! Call Hallmark, and make sure they remember who's idea it was!

I'd be wheezing doing that workout, and I don'r have asthma!