Day 9: resistance is futile's friday. I'm so glad. It's been a productive week, but I could use a few days away from work...

I've noticed a somewhat annoying side effect of getting up so early to work out...I find myself falling asleep during TV or movies at about 9 ish. It used to not really matter, as my husband got up a full hour before me even so he'd be jsut as tired, but now he sleeps in 2 hours past me (lucky lucky) so I feel like a party pooper nodding off all the time. I know it didn't bother me when he got tired, it jsut was what it was. Last night we sat down to just sit and relax and listen to a few new CDs and I only heard half of them, as we sat sprawled on the couch all snuggled up. He said it was terribly cute and he doesn't mind at all, so hopefully he won't as this goes on. I'm one of those people that when I'm tired I sleep wherever I am and there's nothing for it if I'm not actively doing does get annoying to miss the end of movies (prime example: After 5 attempted viewings I still have not seen all of Beowolf!) Suppose we'll have to learn and start films earlier if I want to see the whole thing! I'm such a night owl that it's odd to be so tired so early. Makes sense tho - I mean I should really be in bed by 10 if I'm going to get up around 5...7 hours sleep is a minimum really.

This AM I got up (almost hit snooze) and did cardio on the elliptical. It went well. I thought I'd try something new and I varied the resistance. I started off at 15% incline at resistance 2 for 6 minutes and then dropped to resistance 1 for 4 minutes...and did that 4 times. The cool thing is I did do 40 minutes in total (plus 4 minutes slow cool down after), which is longer than before. I burned a few less calories this way (~490) but I think this might be how to increase my time. I want to do a minimum of 40 minutes and I know in building up running time you run a few minutes and walk a few minutes... so I'm going to try and transfer that over to the elliptical and see what I can come up with by varying resistance and incline as I go forward to increase my workout over the same period of time. After a yummy breakfast and a cat snuggle I am good to go for today.
I'm looking forward to sleeping in and then tackling a list of stuff for the weekend and lots of relaxing too. I plan on putting up some christmas lights this weekend. I can't wait!

Have a great weekend!

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Tom Bailey said...

400 plus is a great number to hit congrats. I am always VERY skeptical of the calorie numbers on the incline ... the numbers do not seem to vary as much as you would think based on the effort change. My opinion is that the treadmills are more accurate on calorie burn BUT the injury risks are far higher.

This is just my opinion... not truth.

5 days per week is a good number too. I found less gave me too little of a workout but more wore me out.

A 490 burn if you are doing 5 days a week is great.

Best regards,
Tom Bailey