Day 10: Well, it's officially winter

I'm certainly glad we put the snow tires on and I got a new winter coat (with a hood!!!) on the weekend while it was still mild. Today I woke up to a balmy -30 degrees C. Chilly walk to the bus that's for sure. Usually it's that cold around here in's just been unseasonably warm until now, that it's a bit of a shock. It was nice to be all toasty warm in my new coat though...the zipper on my old old coat finally died so I found a new one on the weekend. It's WAY cooler than my old "responsibly warm, yet horribly boring" coat AND it has a hood. It's a nice metallic silver colour and has lots of pockets and handy little places to put my iPod and bus pass and such. I like. I don't know what I was thinking before withnot having a's nice to be all bundled up in weather like this and not totally wreck your hair with a toque.

This morning I got up and did 40 minutes on the elliptical at 15% incline and resistance 1 and 2 (rotated back and forth 10 min of each), with 4 minutes cooldown after. 495 calories according to the robot. It felt nice to workout, but the house was quite chilly indeed...makes you want to work out harder just to warm up!
Then I had a nice relaxing breakfast with the cats looking at the christmas decorations and psyching myself up for another week. I'm training a student in something today so I'm putting on my rediculously patient hat and getting ready for the day.

Hope you are all having a great (and much warmer than mine) day!


Marste said...

Congratulations on the new coat! I love coats, but it doesn't really get cold enough in SoCal to wear "real" ones. (Yeah, I know: somewhere the world's tiniest violin is playing just for me. ;D)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Thirty degrees BELOW zero??!!!


Um, so could I borrow that "ridiculously patient" hat of yours? I don't have students, but it sounds like handy headgear to have for all sorts of situations.

MizFit said...

I totally was NOT complaining because it was 40 here yesterday.


no matter what people are saying :)