Snowy morning

This morning I got up and did my exercise ball DVD and had breakfast. It felt very good. It's finally snowed again. Not much, but enough to make it a bit white, and it makes it finally feel a bit more like the holidays. Tonight is bellydance class, so I'm looking forward to it...Then a bit of relaxing with J and figuring out what the weekend has in store.

It's odd - I have been so busy for so long that I find too much free time makes me I'd rather have a bunch of things I *could* do and then pick at them here and there...mostly getting gifts off to family in Ontario so they'll get them on time, and putting the snow tires on (we never did paint them...the paint was the wrong color) and getting my craft room set up. I'm making a lot of gifts this year (sewing) so I need to set up and get the fabric this weekend so I can work on them. I also really should buy the arborite and taps for the kitchen...unless something is very wrong the renos start next week...I was going to do white counter but now I'm wondering if a pattern or a blue colour would be better. It certainly would wear better than just plain white. I'll have to see what my options are...I honestly don't even know :)

I'm trying not to be too annoyed as the side panels for my stove (which arrived in June) are STILL not here. I'm having it installed ~ the 15th so they'd better be here by then. If you are considering a Whirlpool or Jenair product - don't right now. They're moving factories, so good luck if you need a part for something. And yes, technically the side panels to my stove are a "part". When we picked it out they said that it was a slide in model, but not to worry, the side panels come with it and it looks like a regular stove. Lets just say if I'd actually installed it then I'd be PISSED (well OK I am still) ...the sales guy called me at home to apologise and promise they'll be here and tell me all the reasons why it's still not here, but honestly....don't care at this point. Just want the panels.
And now I must go. I've been volunteered to do more work today in an already full day, so I should get at things so I can get away to my class after work on time.
Have a great day, K?


Scrumpy said…
You are so busy, it wears ME out!
Marste said…
Um, yeah. What Scrumpy said. And how are you functioning without an oven? Do you have one that you're using and planning to replace? Man, I'd be SUPER-upset if I had no oven to cook with.
Geosomin said…
I still have my old one hooked up and they won't unhook it until a few days before the ga is run and the electrical is changed...I can do without for a week or so, but due the the gong show it's been trying to get the parts, I have left the old one as is so I'm not stuck without an oven for too long...

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