Back at it with a shameless cereal promotion

This morning I got up and went for a was much easier than last time.
I was able to do 2 minutes walk + 5 minutes run 6 times and, thanks to biking to work, have lots of time to stretch out well and have a yummy breakfast. I even did some situps for good measure. I had a nice 20 minute bike to work, so I'm feeling all fit and healthy today. I feel like I'm back at I just have to *keep* at it!

I have to take a second and put in a plug for a yummy new cereal we bought on a whim and had some of this morning: Nature Harvest. It's got 5 or 6 types of flakes AND these little oat granola bar things that taste like little cookies dipped in milk. I have the new Maple flavour and can't vouch for the others yet...but MAN - delicious cereal.
Cereal is a favourite food of mine and I'm always looking for something to help supplement my Mini Wheats addiction. I'm getting some Oat and Honey stuff next. 1 cup of it with some skim milk is less than 300 hey! Cereal all around :)


Scrumpy's Baker said...

I've always wanted to try that. But... I can easily eat an entire box of cereal in a day if I'm not careful so I haven't allowed it in the house. :)

MizFit said...

I love all cereal like the scrumpy.

this mightcould be a danger for me :)

but DANGER is my middle name.