Biking again

OK...I feel a bit less lazy.
I finally remembered how to work the wierdass valve on my bike tires to refill them and drove my AWESOME bike to work today (don't laugh, it was a tire tube generously given to me by a stranger to get me home when I had a flat long ago, but it has a wierd valve that has to be unscrewed to fill up the tire...and every spring I forget how it works!). I had to bike around to find a gas station with an air hose this morning before work (nobody has them anymore...why?) as I couldn't get it pumped up enough with my hand pump, but still made it to work in about 20 minutes, once the tires were full up. Not too shabby.

Hopefully biking to work from now on will help me and my ass avoid critical mass.
I got myself a new bike 2 years ago and I love it - it has a low girly style bar, with mountain tires, 21 gears and a big ass seat, with handlebars designed to sit up more than lean over...a great cruiser bike. I can take the trails to work with on ly 1 or 2 blocks of actual street, so it's a perfect bike ride to start and end the day. My home city is really a biking city...lots of lanes on major roadways and trails all over. It's nice to have another option besides the bus.

ANYways...Gotta go...time to put on my helmet and head home.

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Haley said...

Oh, to live in a place where I could bike to work! When I get out of school, I am going to think long and hard about where I live in relation to whereever I work so I'm not reliant on gas guzzling cars.

Isn't it great when things that are good for your physical being are also good for the planet and for your wallet?