Doing too much to run??

Getting really bad here...
Last night I helped Jay at *his*work after working all day at mine and didn't eat til almost ten or get home to sleep til after 11. So running this morning? Well, I set my alarm, but I couldn't move, was exhausted and my knees and back ached from being on my feet for about 16 hours solid, so I wimped out and slept in a bit...and as a result, just had a long hot shower instad of any workout at all. I feel much better though.
And tomorrow, as it's my day off, I'll sleep in a bit and go for a good and proper long's even supposed to be sunny tomorrow, so I won't have to wear my red sweats that are starting to fall off as I run (gotta get some smaller ones - yeah! :) )
And I do believe I'll run at the lake this weekend really I will!
This slacking must cease forthwith...

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