The squeaky wheel gets the pudding

I did it.
This morning I hauled my ass up and out of bed and ran.
I'd like to say it was like I'd never stopped, but lets be realistic here !
I managed to do 2.5 min walk + 4.5 minutes running twice, then backed off a bit and did 3 minutes walk and 4 minutes run 4 times to be kind to my knees. I'm a bit stiff after al lthe stretching, but I'm still kicking. I really didn't think I could do my 5 minutes run intervals after being off for 3 weeks, but I was hoping it would be a bit easier. Hell to be honest I was hoping it would be a cake walk, but well, such is life.
I don't know when it started happening, but the sun isn't up in the mornings anymore - that really makes it harder to get up. It's harder to read my watch too to know when to start and stop. And it was cold and rainy - but at least it was light by the time I was finished the run...

But hey - after it all I do feel great and alert, so I guess I"ll keep at it. I'll do the 4 and 4 1/2 this week and then qwork my way back up again. The run for a cure isn't until Sept 30 so I have loads of time to get back onto peak condition.
1 day at a time I suppose...

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