Welcome to the Jungle

Getting the yard in shape. Ish.
Mowed the back and cleared things out so it looks decent and I can have a fire. The back deck is cleaned off and ready for chilling too. That is where I presently am - debating if I want to go down to the park or not. I think perhaps I do...

I tried to work in the front yard and after pulling a while bin of trees and weeds you even can't tell, but I will persevere. Years of neglect while I was in treatment has let the weeds take over and last fall my world imploded for a while so the yard needs LOTS of love. I will do my best to fight the weeds.  If I lose I've decided int he fall I will rent a "dragon" flame weed killer and after I've destroyed them all I can put down landscaping fabric and rocks and start again. I like our vines, but you can't rake with them and I want to be able to maintain it better. The neighbors are trying to sell their house too so I figure I should at least make an effort so that potential buyers don't think they are moving in next to a crack house or something.

I am really enjoying how the back yard and deck are though. Makes me happy. :)
This weekend the weather is kinda miserable so I replaced my rusty BBQ grill and old tank so I am set to BBQ. I don't know what I will BBQ, but I like having the option. Between that and doing a bit more in the front yard I feel I'm making a dent. I've found a home for the big old compost bin I have had but never use and discovered a bunch of firewood I have I forgot about. Oh yes there will be fire. I moved the firepit last year and I want to sip wine by the fire...

The cats are loving the screen deck, although my dad only made one ledge for them to sit on so they bicker over it and the one who doesn't get it sits and pouts. I will ask him if he'll make another one for us so they can both have a place to chill and look out the window from.

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