Zombies! Run!

I've been having fun getting back to running. My eating hasn't been stellar so far (hello growler of delicious sour ale on the weekend!) but I've been consistent at doing my couch to 5K runs -so far so good. I'm also making sure I go to bed earlier - I had a weekend to myself this weekend and I honestly was exhausted and slept for most of it, so I need to get more sleep... I need at least 7 hours a night. With me trying to get up at 6 or 550 to exercise this will be even more critical. It's odd how those few extra minutes mean so much :) I have been waking up at my alarm or jsut before the last while so I hope I'm doing better.

With runs 3-4 days a week I will start doing some upper and lower weights/exercises too...I'm thinking MWF runs, Tuesday upper body, Thursday lower body with weekends being what they are. If I can fit in yoga at work I will too, but it seems I have only been able to get to yoga nidra on thursdays so far- it's very relaxing and stress relieving, but it's totally not exercise so I'm not gonna count it as that. I will try and hit the yoga on tuesdays if I can at lunch too and see how that fits into my days. It's a good way to take a break from my day and keep my stress down.

I have been loving the Zombies Run 5K learn to run app. It's turning running into a little game and since I used to joke I did cardio to prepare for outrunning zombies it's very fitting. The app even ties into my GPS so I can map out where and how far I've gone each time which is cool. The first 3 weeks are free, but I'll be happy to pay the $3 for the other 5 weeks of training - I'm just in week 2 and it's been fun so far. I can listen to my own music too and the audio comes through over it so it's really cool. I started using the Cto5K app I've used in the past which is similar and quite good too (but with less zombies heheh).

And wow...exercise makes me feel better. I sleep better. I deal with things better. I'm happier. I do eat more so I have to watch that, but it just reaffirms why I do this...it really is good for me.

Life lately has been encouraging. Knowing I'm done all my surgeries and treatments is...well...hard to believe but ever so cool. J has been doing well lately too. He's been able to get help and his work with himself together with some medications has really transformed him back towards the J I know and love...which is absolutely amazing. I have my J back and I am eternally grateful. The demons of depression and anxiety are still there and some days are harder than others, but he has some tools and ways to better deal with them now. He's aware of it and he loves himself and me enough to do the hard work to be healthy..so yeah - we are doing well too. I am learning ways to communicate better and trying to be helpful while learning to see my own boundaries and deal with my own shit.

I have to say...reading about Anthony Bourdain really affected me this week. I respected the guy - he was irreverent and flawed and still inspired me in a lot of ways and seeing someone give in to their depression and take their own life is so very sad. Until you've lived with depression or someone who lives with depression it's really hard to even imagine or see just what it can do to you and how it can twist everything you see and feel. After all I've been through to fight for my health I admit it's utterly foreign to me to devalue my life like that, but I can see how it could happen. It reaffirmed to me that it is so important to be there for others - sometimes we may be the only one who can pull them back form the edge. I've been taking a lot of mental health first aid through work lately and it's been a real eye opener...Hopefully it will help me. If you eevr get the opportunity to take it do it.

Hope you're having a good day. I am.

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JavaChick said...

I am glad to hear things are going well!

Very sad about Anthony Bourdain. Too much of that happening. :(