Making Christmas. Maaaaaaking Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistmas!

My family doesn't really do bought gifts anymore...just the little ones. For the rest of us, we make something instead or just eat and visit. Other than some baking, homemade ketogenic nutella, some pepper and roasted garlic jellies and some cranberry apple butter I have made, I have been planning to make a few things for my family. I saved some shells from my Maritime holiday to make framed pictures for my dad, brother and sis for christmas and have had the frames for a while. I finally got around to putting them together last night. I was nervous they'd turn out lame...I am very happy with them. J was a huge help with ideas on how to attach the shells (foam bits and hot glue) and helped me find the sand printed paper I used as a background. I am so pleased with how they went together. The top left one is for me...the rest are for my family - they can chose.

My dad has been lamenting about hos the only kitchen apron he has was my mum's and it's old, girly and very dirty. I bought some suitably Dad fabric (blue denim) and made him a great new kitchen apron and customized it for him. He often answers the phone with "Dave's Deli and Diner" so I thought I'd make it official. :)
I love christmas for this reason - I love to make things...and to make things for my loved ones they will use and appreciate is so rewarding. Mostly food heheh but still :) Last christmas was really not a fun time for me and now, especially after the last while and how much different my life is currently I am in serious gratitude and humble appreciation at how my life is going. I am honestly happy. Life isn't perfect, but there is love and patience and kindness and respect in my life. J and I are working to be better. I have family and friends who love me. I am healthy. 
J and I are going to host my family for christmas day at my place so we'll see how that all goes. My brother and his wife usually do but she gets all stressed out about it all, and I don't get stressed about cooking and planning for people at all. Making ketogenic christmas supper will be a challenge, but I can pull it off. We have games and wine and snacks. There will be stuffing cuz I want stuffing dammit but the rest we can tweak so everyone can enjoy it. There will be time with my family - that is all I want. Boxing day is with J's family. Then a week off to relax. I can't wait.

I am really looking forward to my holidays. It's been a long time since I've been excited to spend this much time at home. I have a new Ben Aaronovitch book to read and a lot of posh tea to drink.Tonight I am spending the evening with 2 close friends and after that I have a few days of baking and a big gathering with friends before the family invades. 

I hope you are all having a good holiday time and you will have some joy in your life over this holidays. I wish you all a year of joy and love and peace. Good health to you.

sona Nollag!

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grapecat said...

sounds just about perfect! Have a great holiday xxxxxx