A work in progress

Hi. How are you all doing out there in interweb land?

Me? Really good. Thanks for asking heheh

But really though - the last little while has been really good. J has been getting some help and we have been slowly working on things and our home is a really positive environment right now. J has been working more doing lights for a local business and is feeling better. I am working to be more honest and we are trying to build a new more positive relationship. So far so good. I am optimistic and working to stay true to myself as we do this. Every day is new and every day is a chance for change.

I am getting back to fitness too which is encouraging. On my maritime holiday I ate on about 10 lb and was starting to eat away my stress the last while. Having a healthy outlet for my stress is helpful too...and it boosts my mood. The family holiday was so amazing. I've been focusing on my life lately and never did post any photos did I? Here's a few...it was lovely.

All of us at Green Gables, PEI

Sailing in Cape Breton

Cheticamp, Nova Scotia
Eating healthy and getting regular sleep and exercise is helping both J and I feel better so we can work to be better I am also working on making myself healthier. Buying bigger pants is not a solution  after decadent (and lazy) holidays- I know consistent healthy living is .:)

It started out this way -a coworker who needs stress release wanted to go to some yoga classes offered on the campus where I work so I started to go with her mondays and fridays too, cuz lord knows I also need a stress release. I've always wanted to try yoga and I have found that I am really enjoying it. Then we tried a few other classes too and although we both got quite stiff for a bit from some of them, we've made it through the worst of it and we are trying to go to a few classes each week together on a regular basis - having a workout buddy helps us both. I am trying to set up a good schedule for me around this. I am finding getting up early every morning to workout at home to be a lot harder than it was right now - don't know if it's the dark of winter or just me listening to my body more and giving it the rest it needs. Instead of giving up, I'm working around it.
So.... I'm shifting my schedule to this for a while to see how it goes to get more active again. Instead of going whole hog and getting crazy about it I trying to find a more zen balance. I want to move away from hardcore HIIT and respect the surgical work I've had done without using it as excuse to not workout...just work on being strong and healthy- I have one more surgery in February that I need to be healthy and strong for and so I am working on being back in better shape (again...sigh) for then. Since the final surgical work being done is largely plastic surgery I will need to be a healthy normal (for me) weight for it to get the best long lasting results. The thing is, even with fat grafting you don't gain weight on a fake boob - just the real one, so having my real one be the "real" size it is will help lift it and reduce it a bit and best make it match the foob (who is now affectionately named Frankie....think Frankenstein...yeah morbid humor...ahem).  If I'm gonna go under the knife again I want it to be worth it. I'm tired of it all and while I want to do what I can to make it look as good as I can there is a point where I am just so DONE. My doc feels after this last time he'll have done all he can for me so it's a good time to stop and just get on with my life. Then I can get some pretty tattoos over those scars too :)

When winter is evil it's too cold for my regular walks to work, so I have a need to find other ways to be active. I still walk when weather permits, but that is less and less now. Since a 6 am bus to work gets me to the campus gym 10 minutes before the 6:35 exercise classes start I have a few options for some morning workouts, although I don't think I want to do them every day. It means me getting up at 530 - that can wear me down. With my bosses approval there are some fitness classes right after work and on my lunch break I can work into my schedule now too, so I have a few options besides home workouts (which just aren't happening right now tbh). Right now I need someone else to push me. Since I have the luxury of being able to alter my work hours a bit to accommodate classes I can come in early or stay late as long as I put in my time.. Free admission to the fitness center on campus where I work and is a part of my job benefits, so I might as well use them! I don't want to give up my evenings to this - I want it to fit into my day and just be a part of life, along with less beer and snackycakes and more veggies.

Here's my plan I've started this week:
Monday :a 1 hour lunchtime dragon yoga class - half strength poses and half yin poses
Tuesday- morning spin class before work
Wednesday -spin and sculpt or PiYo class right after work
Thursday- morning spin class before work
Friday - a 1 hour lunchtime restorative yoga class - stretching, and strength poses
Weekend - a Bodyrock workout or walk with J or some upper body weights/squats.

I yesterday I dragged my ass up out of bed to come in for a spin class like I used to back before I got sick - turns out my favorite old instructor is still teaching and they have new spin bikes, so it was a fun experience. I am glad I still liked it -spin class will not aggravate any of my surgical repairs so I figure it's a good thing to get back into. I don't want to commit to every morning anymore, but it's a good way to start ...maybe work in some swimming in the new year. We shall see...

Anyhoo - I has work to do. My break is over.
Happy humpday my good peeps. I hope you have a great day and all is well with you.
Much love to you all this frosty day.


grapecat said...

you, my dear, are hardcore xxxxx

JavaChick said...

Aw! So glad things are better. As a Nova Scotia native, I think the Maritimes are pretty wonderful; glad to hear you enjoyed your trip. Good luck with your new workout plan! I need one of those; I have been side-lined by knee problems, but I need to ease my way back in. I think I shall follow your example and start with some yoga. :)