Polar Vortex

Currently the weather here in Saskatoon is indeed winter. We are currently in the middle of a polar vortex. We are actually colder than both the north and south poles at the moment. -33 C before the windchill...-41 after....and will get down to -37 before the wind and -48 with it tonight at the worst of it all, with the ultimate predicted low of -49 with the wind tomorrow night.
The chill will be with us ever so inconveniently until my holidays are done and I get back to work on the 3rd. Normally we get to maybe mid-minus 20s with the wind...this current madness is dangerous. We have had to replace our car old battery...and it's so cold that even with the new battery the stereo in it isn't working at the moment. A friend had his spoiler on his hatchback break just from him closing it this morning. Yep...It's the kind of cold that turns door handles into torturous devices if you aren't wearing gloves and it would easily kill you if you weren't properly dressed. We were considering visiting friends for new years in Edmonton but when it's this cold the thought of having any car problems and being stuck outside is actually frightening...it's looking more likely like we will remain here and celebrate here warm in a friend's house instead...a 6 hour drive without a car stereo would be really boring too.

This is a dumb level of cold that makes you eat extra food, drink scotch and google the giant insects of africa and australia to remind yourself of one of the few perks of living in this frozen wasteland...thankfully this kinda cold kills them...and it usually only lasts about a week and comes just once or twice a winter. I wish it wasn't during my holidays - I'd like to be out and about more, but I feel bad using the car in this chill. J is working a good show tonight and I have dropped him and his gear off and come back home to stay warm in the house...I may or may not catch the last bit of it...because I want to make sure the car will start after to get us home. Ridiculous. Truly.

My christmas was lovely though. My family was here for christmas eve and christmas day and we had christmas day at my place for the first time ever...christmas was a brunch and a lazy day of games before a nice turkey supper and more games into the wee hours. Boxing day was spent with Js family and my Dad. All my homemade gifts of jellies and aprons and cookies and picture frames were well recieved and I got the gift I truly wanted - a happy time with my family full of laughter and love. It's honestly been a great last few days and I have a few more to relax, read books and eat the last of the cookies. Splurged on seeing the new Star Wars movie in the VIP theatre yesterday - loved it and the social commentary of it and I am inspired to keep crafting away the winter months and filling the winter hibernation with creativity. Plus I can't keep eating like this heheh...it will be good to be back to a more regular healthy schedule. :)

I hope you're all staying warm. I'm going to go have a hot bath and try and forget the chill outside.

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