You have no idea of the power of the dark side

Tabata  class last night was fun. I signed up for another summer term with the community association on tuesdays -really like the class. I haven't  done any exercise for over a week though so I am a bit stiff today. This AM I did some upper body weights and some squats. I'm trying to be good. I need to workout more regularly again. Last week was a bad week and I needed my sleep, but this week is much better. I'm not supposed to sweat a lot while my tattoo heals but there is still lots I can do. turrns out this weekend is Easter, which I totally forgot, so hey - long weekend! Just have to make it through 2 more workdays. Not going any where this weekend either, except maybe to J's grandma's for dinner but that isn't a province away...seems like I haven't been home for a while in ofrever. Lots of little things to do - dad brought the cupboard he made for the kitchen when he was here for his hand surgery yesterday and I also need to paint the kitcehn ceiling (the part we patched when we took out the chimney is a different color and I need to do the whole ceiling...and I hate ceilings so I've been ignoring it...) once I do J can replace the light fixtures in it. The fixtures in there suck and eat bulbs and we've been not replacing them as they burn out, thinking that we would defintiely do it as it got darker and more annoyed - haha! It was to be my christmas gift...and we all know how well that time of year it's not yet looked after. Finally home for a bit with us both in a better frame of mind, so we're starting to notice all this kind of thing again. Little did we know just how stubbornly we can ignore shit (my ADD knows no bounds for some things like this...) and give in to the dark side...but by the weekend we will have lights in the kitchen other than the range hood and a lamp we put on top of the fridge (yes I know we're pathetic). About damn time.

I keep staring at my new eyebrows. The lines are softening like the artist said they would and they still look good. I'm trying to put lotion on them when I need to - although I am paranoid about vaseline now since everyone I know who is a tattoo artist says to avoid it like a plague since  it can cause ink to fade or smear...the home care sheet I have says put on a light layer of vaseline before bed and then vitamin E lotion or vaseline a few times a day, especially if they are itchy (which is all the time...gah). I have some good unscented lotion with vitamin E from radiation therapy that I'm going to keep putting on them during the day. I just want them to heal up well - just being my paranoid little self. It's like I expect to wake up and suddenly find a huge smear on my face or that the ink has all blended to gether or something. Right now they just look like normal brows that have had a bit of poweder added to fill them in, which I am totally happy with. I liked the crisp lines of individual hairs but was warned that will feather a bit (and it has, but still looks fine) so I may get a touch up for that, but I can't wait until they are healed to see just what they will finally look like. I sleep on my side with my face smooshed in a pillow and i have been forcing myself to sleep on my back the last few days...I can do it but it's not as restful.

Anyhoo...just wanted to say hi. I should go get some work done, since I have one less day this week to get things done. Have a great hump day.

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solarity said...

I can ignore a ceiling forever and ever. Go you!

Mary Anne in Kentucky